Are you a business owner looking to modernise your interior, which is up to 21st century standards? Casa de Iluminación can help you with this!

Whether you have a cafe, restaurant (read more here), office building, or shop, the first impression that potential customers have upon arrival is extremely important – it can make all the difference to making a sale or getting a big order!


Creating an atmosphere with lighting

A beautiful interior is much more than just beautiful furniture and neat walls. Lighting is decisive for appearance and atmosphere. Especially in banquettes, you must have the right lighting. Bright enough to see everything, dim enough to create a cosy atmosphere. And of course, the appearance of the lamps is no less important.


Lighting plan for the hotel and restaurant industry

Lighting for businesses

Casadeiluminació has a wide range of modern and stylish lamps that will give your business the look you are looking for!

Please contact us to consult the possibilities and request the attractive wholesale prices!

Our collection for businesses